Direct Mail / Hand Written Letters

Despite the dominance of digital marketing, print marketing and direct mail is not dead…

Consumers are bombarded by digital advertising in a near constant onslaught. Advertisers must work hard and smart or spend big to be heard. With marketing budget increasingly allocated to digital content, you may have noticed the decline in sales material arriving in your mail.

With less competition, a targeted direct mail campaign can uncover results beyond those from digital marketing.

How can we help with direct mail?

Amy is our graphic designer with many years’ experience designing for print. Modern printing techniques allow us to merge prospect data with our designs to produce eye-catching personalised printed materials. First Impressions can assist with the whole process from concept to delivery, and provide any supporting digital content to increase conversions.

Our partnership with Inkpact

First Impressions work closely with Inkpact enabling us to provide genuinely handwritten communication enabling our clients to more effectively attract, engage and retain customers.

If you would like to learn more about how a direct mail campaign could drive your business growth, then please get in touch as we would be happy to discuss your ideas in more detail.

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