Landing Pages & Microsites

Landing pages and micro-sites differ from websites in their purpose and role. Your website should empower your visitors to learn and explore your whole company before hopefully making an inquiry. However, it is not unusual for website visitors to not make contact.

Landing pages and microsites are more specific in their message and often promote a single service, product or event. They provide an uncluttered and simple means to encourage interaction from visitors working alongside your marketing campaigns. It is good practice to create a dedicated landing page for every sales and marketing campaign in order to provide customers with the relevant information which will significantly improve the success of any campaign.

All landing pages by First Impressions include analytics, are visually beautiful and use our tried and tested design for maximising interaction.

If you are looking to run a marketing campaign that provides results and business growth, talk to us and we will work closely with you to create perfect landing pages that help you meet your business growth goals.

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