The Product Launcher

The Product Launcher

First Impressions developed The Product Launcher to provide companies with an “off the shelf” solution to rapidly create interest in a new product or service. By combining the most effective elements of both demand and lead generation with real-time analysis, we can identify prospects, refine messaging and generate a real sense of energy around a new product or service amongst its target audience. The Product Launcher is a three-month process designed by us that creates a highly targeted explosion of activity in order to:

  1. Kick start a sales pipeline
  2. Gather valuable feedback
  3. Create a demand that ultimately accelerates sales and business growth

So, what is involved?

The three-month process consists of:

Strategy – We will take the time required to understand not only your new product or service but also your company and ethos. We also invest time in really getting to know your market, identifying competition and clarifying what makes you different – and better. Once we have a solid appreciation of what you do and how you do it, we then help to identify target sectors, organisations and individuals. As well as this we work on simplifying your brand messaging and tone.

Data – First Impressions assemble a cleansed prospect database covering your target audience and can cleanse and contact prospects from your existing database if necessary. Whether that’s a list of 2,000 purchased prospects or 100 lapsed clients to re-visit, we ensure the lists are communicated with appropriately and professionally. All new contacts provided by First Impressions will always be fully vetted and approved by you before we make any form of approach.

Content creation – Great content is at the heart of all successful sales and marketing campaigns. With regular, well written copy provided across your website, newsletter and social channels you will be better ranked by search engines, see more traffic to your website and be well on the way to generating a steady demand for your offerings. As part of The Product Launcher we will professionally design, write and track a monthly blog post, press release, article or news item to support your campaign.

Outbound email (including professional copy writing) – we know from experience which approach and tone works best to give your email the best chance of being delivered and read. Emails written by First Impressions produce results: we achieve above-average response rates, below average unsubscribes and as our professional copywriter Alice is an ex-English teacher, we’re hot on grammar and readability too!

Product video – A corporate video increases engagement, gives SEO a boost and helps your business reach a wider audience. Click here for full package details

Landing page  – we will develop eye-catching and informative content as a separate landing page that works in harmony with our campaign.

The ol’ dog and bone – sometimes prospects prefer to do business over the phone. For those occasions (and for the people who show an interest on email and then fall off the radar) we use the good old-fashioned telephone to have a friendly, professional conversation. Once we’re fully briefed on your product or service, we speak confidently and knowledgeably to your prospects to establish their level of interest, book meetings (for your sales staff or management to attend) and win sales. We will make calls to the hottest target prospects identified from email activity, incoming enquiries and website visitors.

Email/website analysis – as well as following up on written replies we also track our email campaigns to follow up on any prospects who are active on your website but don’t necessarily get in touch. Our partner CANDDi provides website analytics integrated for your website so we can not only see which companies are visiting your website, but also pin-point the prospects within those companies. You will be provided full access to the analytics for transparency and additional internal tracking use. The £149 per month cost of CANDDi analytics is included in our price.

Social media management – Daily updates and social networking is a key part of generating demand and reaching a wider audience. First Impressions will review your current social networking and assist in carrying out frequent updates, networking and promoting your fresh content.


And what does all this cost?

  • £9,950 + vat (3 months of activity)

Are there any added extras available at reduced rates?

Yes! the following services can be bolted on at a special Product Launcher rate.

  • Direct Mail £POA –Whether you want to send high volume mail to publicise an event or send a small number of personalised hand-written letters, via our partner Inkpact we can advise, design/write and mail-out compelling correspondence. We can then (if required) conduct professional and relaxed telephone follow-ups with recipients.

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